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Utah Legal Services at Reasonable Rates

How We Typically Charge For Our Legal Services

Our objective is to provide the highest quality legal services available, at reasonable and understandable rates. In most elder law, special needs trust and estate planning matters, we can agree on a fixed fee before any work is commenced. We usually ask for one half of the fee in advance of beginning work. Typical fees in legal matters generally range as follows:

Elder Law Matters:

  • Initial Consultation: $250

    Includes a comprehensive review of your situation and available options.

  • Nursing Home/Medicaid Planning: $2,500 - $15,000

    Includes initial consultation; Medicare and nursing home placement planning; completion and submission of Medicaid application; eligibility determinations and appeals; post application planning, including revisions to estate planning documents where needed; asset transfer planning and other techniques as appropriate; and planning to minimize or avoid estate recovery.

Special Needs Trust Matters:

  • Husband and Wife – Planning for a Child With Disabilities: $600 - $1,800

    Includes wills, including testamentary trust provisions or separate revocable trust or third party special needs trust, financial powers of attorney, and medical directives.

  • First Party Special Needs Trust for Personal Injury Victim: $1,950 - $4,750

    Includes necessary court proceedings and approval

Estate Planning:

Husband and Wife –

  • Basic Wills (including testamentary trust provisions), financial powers of attorney, medical directives: $600 - $900
  • With revocable trust: $900 - $1,500
  • With revocable trusts for husband and wife designed to minimize estate taxes: $1,750 - $3,000
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings: $1,950 - $2,500
  • Hourly rate: $300 per hour.
  • Court filing fee for matters requiring court approval: $360