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Utah Trust & Estate Administration

We Will Help You Avoid Probate & Elder Law Abuse

We can assist you with all of the various issues involved in Utah trust and estate administration. For example, we can assist a trustee in administering a trust, both during the life of the grantor and upon the grantor’s death, and we can assist a personal representative or executor in the administration of an estate.

We can also assist a trustee or personal representative comply with the various requirements imposed by law (for example, periodic accountings), and we can assist with trust and estate income tax returns and estate tax returns.

Where necessary, we can assist in securing the appointment of a personal representative, and assist the personal representative or a beneficiary in all of the various steps of the probate process. This includes estate and trust disputes and will and trust contests. At Calvin Curtis, Attorney at Law, PLLC, we have extensive experience in mediation of trust and estate disputes, and in litigation of such disputes where necessary.